“I don’t care” or “I cared, but for the wrong things”?

June 2, 2006

I was sitting in Cafe Crepe one night, sharing three crepes between three other people, when a thought dropped into my mind. Blandness in a relationship between people seem to boil down to the person simply not caring enough. Because I don't care enough, that's why I don't do anything about it.

If this sounds a little vague, let me expound on this a further: Suppose I see someone crying, and I know that he or she probably needs comforting, what actually gets me to reach out (or not)? It would probably depend much on whether the person is someone that I care for; if their well-being means a lot to me. If so, I will attempt to reach out. If I don't care enough for a person, I probably won't reach out to a person much even when it might be obvious that they are in trouble. An analogy could be "Hey your house is on fire; good luck with that." as opposed to helping to stamp out the flame spark in the first place.

I was pretty satisfied with this conclusion, but on further perusal I realised this was not all of it. If the real problem is the lack of caring, what can I say about people who cared enough to spend thousands to get a product that promises youthful looks even to the most inredeemable face? Is it that they didn't care? I don't think so. They do care, but they care on what others perceive them to be as opposed to whether they are true to themselves. The ladder is perfectly fine; it is just on the wrong wall.

This seemed to make some sense. If a bulimic person cared for her body and not for the opinions of others on her body, would she have want to damage her body by vomitting (and screwing up her digestive system and teeth) in order to attain the 'perfect' body?

In face of many problems that we have in our lives, sometimes it's that we simply didn't care enough, or we cared but for the wrong things. That's the reason.

The answer? That's our personal journey to make. 


3 Responses to ““I don’t care” or “I cared, but for the wrong things”?”

  1. carling reid Says:

    Great read and food for thought! I came across your site by accident as I would like to use the word eunoia for my blog / any chance you would be willing to cancel your account as I see you haven’t posted since 2006? Please let me know at lacingraindrops@gmail.com 🙂

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  3. Daniel Lean Says:

    Please let me borrow this wordpress address it’s for a psychology project in a underdeveloped country

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